University of Phoenix Review: Data Analyst Wendy Robinson

Wendy Robinson spent nearly two decades working within accounting departments, but she regularly was assigned to be the tester whenever a department considered new software. Robinson enjoyed exploring new software programs, and she eventually recognized that her heart wasn’t in accounting but in information technology (IT). Robinson decided to act on this revelation, and she enrolled in University of Pheonix’s Bachelor of Science in Technology (BSIT) degree program.

As a non-traditional student who had a full-time job in accounting, Robinson appreciated how University of Phoenix designed its classes. The coursework had direct real-world application, so much so that Robinson utilized what she learned in her Database Theories classes to create an accounting database that is still in use today at her company. The courses were also taught one at a time over five-week periods, which allowed her to focus on the subject at hand, and they were delivered in a flexible manner. For someone who wanted to make a mid-career transition but had to maintain a full-time job, Robinson found that the University’s structure worked well.

In addition to the academic learning that Robison gained, she also gained a renewed confidence in herself. The program was challenging at times, but those challenges were not insurmountable. Overcoming them gave Robinson a greater sense of capability and credibility in herself. When asked whether she would enroll in the program again, she gladly and immediately said she would do it all over again if she could go back in time.

Robinson graduated with her BSIT degree in 2017, and she’s successfully been able to make the career change she wanted to thanks to her hard work and the degree. Today, Robinson no longer works as an accountant. Instead, she is a data analyst with a national company in the healthcare sector.

While enrolled in the University’s MBA program, Hall was pleased with both what he learned and how he learned. The courses were academically challenging and covered relevant subjects he needed to know, and all courses included a well-designed combination of individual and group work. Hall was able to complete the coursework on his schedule as his full-time job allowed, but he was also part of a team within each class. This individual and team structure is, of course, similar to the corporate environments that many MBA graduates ultimately find themselves working in.

University of Phoenix has helped many students like Robinson make mid-career changes. The University was founded 45 years ago with the aim of increasing access to postsecondary education for adult learners. Numerous students have been able to successfully complete and use new degrees as they navigate the ever-changing professional world. Innovative delivery options, faculty with real-world experience and a challenging but supportive environment give students what they need to graduate and succeed. Robinson is just one of many excellent students who have been able to use a degree from University of Phoenix effectively.

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