Seven wedding jewellery for women to wear in their wedding ceremony

There is no doubt that every bride wants to look best on her wedding day. And when it comes to looks for Weddings, it is always incomplete without jewellery. The bride always wants to look special in every possible way. In such cases, wedding jewellery compliments your wedding dress and makes you look pretty. But it is also essential to choose the ornaments that suit you. 

Whether you are wearing a pretty gown or a lehenga as in Indian tradition, you should always buy wedding jewellery matching your outfit. Among all the wedding ceremonies, Indian Wedding is an extraordinary event. Everything is larger than life. Similarly, the jewellery is also exceptional. Here is some Indian wedding jewellery that can be adopted anywhere.

Rani Haar (queen’s necklace):

Rani Haar usually means a necklace deigned like a queen’s necklace. It has all richness that you want on your Wedding. This ornament also offers you a royal look to your wedding attire. These necklaces are usually long. The necklace reaches your upper belly. Usually, it is also accompanied by other jewellery to make it more gorgeous.


It is just like any other regular necklace. But it is yet a great ornament for your Wedding. There are many variations in necklaces. You can select various necklaces based on length and work.

Choker necklace:

Choker necklace has gained popularity in recent times. It is one of the essential jewellery in Indian Weddings. The choker necklace is called so as it completely wraps around your neck. like silver chains for pendants and neakceles. It covers your whole neck and upper chest.


A bangle, which is also commonly known as Chudda, is essential jewellery in Indian Weddings. Bangles are usually round in shape that a woman wears around her wrist. You can also have bangles made of gold. These are made for wedding occasions to offers a princess look.

Nath (nose ring):

Nath or nose ring is traditional wedding jewellery that adds extra beauty to your wedding look. Women do wear it on their noses. Most essentially, you do not have to pierce your nose for these nose rings. Nose rings available these days could be pressed to nostrils and can be opened whenever required.

Payal: (anklets)

Payals are one of the essential jewellery in Indian Weddings. Payal is something that women wear around their legs. They wear it both side of the legs. But wedding day Payals are different from regular Payals. The delicate patterns on them enhance your look.


Earrings are commonly known as Jhumkas in Indian tradition. Women wear these Jhumkas in their lower part of their ear. Some women have piercing while some use the pressed ones. Earrings are another compulsory ornament in Indian Weddings that makes you look more beautiful.