Selin Sakarcan on How to Burn Calories and Become Fit

Weight loss and fitness products have become common nowadays because of the rising cases of obesity in the world. Hectic lifestyles and medical conditions don’t allow people to get rid of unwanted fat soon. Today, everyone wants to know the ways to burn extra calories. Some even doubt if they can ever shed those unwanted pounds. While many new things are available, one can still stick to the old way of losing weight, such as exercising. Moving the body is essential to melt fat and build metabolism. Whether someone wants to tone their body for a wedding, holiday season, or a healthy life, certain activities can help them achieve their goal.

According to Selin Sakarcan, people can combine various activities in their routine to benefit. But the effect of the efforts can vary from person to person. That’s why maintaining persistence is crucial.

Burning excess calories by Selin Sakarcan


Vigorous exercises can help burn calories. One can benefit from brisk walking every day. Doing this allows the body to burn calories even after the activity has ended. Although it is not easy to determine how long this effect continues, the metabolic rate can remain high for a minimum of 24 hours. One can increase the impact by exercising for a prolonged time.

Strength training

Exercises help build muscle mass and facilitate burning calories even when the person is not doing anything. Fitness experts recommend aerobic exercises for faster results and strength training. Strength building gets essential as one grows older. The metabolic rate takes a hit resulting in a slow process of calorie loss and more fat accumulation. When doing such exercises, the target areas can be arms, abdomen, chest, and thighs.

Eating habits

Frequent meals and smaller portions can also do the trick. Whenever a person eats anything, the gastrointestinal tract becomes active and digests the food. Since the digestion process also burns calories, eating smaller meals spread across the day is necessary to lose more calories. Although there is no evidence to support this, most experts recommend this eating habit for healthy living. Including calcium-rich or low-fat dairy foods can help keep a check on belly fat.

Another thing is not skipping breakfast. Most people eat heavy meals toward night after missing their breakfast, which doesn’t help their system anyway. Instead, it makes them feel uncomfortable and disrupts their sleep too.

Water intake

Some also suggest that eight cups of water or about 2 liters of this liquid can help melt 100 extra calories a day. If calculated correctly, it means losing 700 calories every week or 2,800 calories every month. However, one must not go overboard with this. One should drink the required amount of water for the sake of their intestines and kidneys.

Selin Sakarcan and other fitness experts advise everyone to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Muscle building, strength training, athletic activities, and other things, along with proper diet, allow people to look after their wellbeing. Also, such levels of discipline can pave the way for rapid weight loss, giving ample time to prepare for any special occasion.