Robert Turner Mentions Few Signs of An Abusive Relationship

To a certain extent, all people are aware of the obvious signs of mental and emotional abuse. However, when they are in the midst of it, it can be quite easy to miss the persistent undercurrent of abusive behavior. Psychological abuse majorly involves the attempts of a person to control, frighten or isolate the other. It is in the words and actions, as well as their persistence in such behaviors. Recognizing these signs, getting away from the relationship and seeking help from a professional counselor like Robert Turner will be smart for people.

It is not always obvious that a person is in an abusive relationship. Understanding physical abuse is simple, but mental and emotional abuse can often be a complicated matter. It is common for the victim to believe that the situation is their own fault and that they somehow ‘deserve’ the abuse. However, one must understand that the abuse victim is never at fault.   Here are a few important signs of an abusive relationship that one must know how to recognize:

  • Controlling and possessive behavior: If one partner completely rules a relationship and makes decisions then it can be considered to be controlling behavior. This includes checking up on the victim all the time to see where they are and who are they with, timing a victim when they leave the house, questioning the victim about where they go and so on. They might even take things a bit further and invade the privacy of the victim by checking their cell phone history. Being unreasonably jealous, accusing the victims of being unfaithful without any reason, and isolating the victim from their close one are all the red flags in a relationship.
  • Blames others:  Abusers hardly take responsibility for their problems and actions.  They end up blaming others for almost everything, and the victim usually gets the brunt of it. Abusers may even blame the victim for all the problems in the relationship, and for their violent outbursts.
  • Hypersensitivity: Most abusers get easily insulted and take everything as a personal attack and blow things out of proportion.
  • Putting down: Putting down or degrading the victim is a major sign of an abusive relationship. The abuser might put the victim down, either publicly or privately, by attacking their intelligence, looks, mental health or capabilities. They may even constantly compare the victim unfavorably to others.

An abusive relationship is not just limited to physical violence. It can include sexual, emotional and physical abuse.  If a partner forces or tricks the person into having sex or doing things they don’t want to do then that would definitely be an abusive relationship. In the aftermath of such situations, one must try to get out of relationship, and also contact a counselor like Robert Turner for help. Being in an abusive relationship can take a toll on the mental well-being of a person, and hence seeking professional assistance to progress towards a better headspace is important.