Most Common Thoughts About Sisal Rugs – A Must Read

Made from a tropical plant i.e. agave Sisalana comes sisal which is a natural fiber. Sisal is very durable and lasts for a longer time as it is a natural fiber. The sisal fiber is mostly used in making twine and rope. And that’s how the sisal rugs are made, which gives it a textured look and becomes one of the favorite for home décor. 

Texture of Sisal Rugs 

Since the sisal belongs from the leaves of the agave plant; the rugs of the sisal are stiff and coarse. Sisal rugs can be used in the heavy traffic area where there is a lot of movement; through the heavy wear and tear the fiber becomes polished and smooth. 

Sisal rugs are made from plant, i.e. agave sisalana, but seagrass rugs are made from the long stem of the grass. That’s, why seagrass rugs are soft, sisal rugs also become soft. 

Is A Sisal Rug Soft?

Sisal rugs are made from the agave plant and the plant produces a stiff and coarse fiber this is what makes the sisal rugs stand out of the crowd and lasts long. It may feel harsher at the beginning since it’s just made but later it becomes softer. 

Cleaning of the Rugs 

Cleaning and maintaining a sisal rug is much easier than the other rugs. As the dirt doesn’t catch easily on the stiff fibers, rather just loosely lingers on the top. Never use a beater bar on these rugs. So, it is easy to clean and maintain. 

The smell of the Sisal Rugs & Baby Safe 

When you open your new sisal rug the rugs will naturally smell and will have a certain type of grassy smell. There are sisal wool rugs also which are available and they are the same. They do contain any kind of toxic chemicals just natural plant material. Plus, it’s also healthy to have the sisal rugs in your baby’s room. 

Vacuuming the Sisal Rugs 

Regular vacuuming can be done to keep the sisal wool rug fresh looking. But for another sisal rug, daily vacuuming is not needed as it will be clean most of the time. If there is visible dirt use the strong suction vacuum. 

Placement & Comfort of the Sisal Rugs 

It is one of the strongest natural fibers and it can hold up well. It can be mostly placed in the high traffic area such as entries, steps, halls, living room, passageway, etc. With the regular use of the sisal rugs, these rugs become soft. But they will still be a bit harsh initially. Sisal rugs are coarse. 

Avoid Using in Wet Areas like Kitchen 

Stains can easily catch in sisal rugs. Therefore, it is advisable that you do not use the sisal rugs in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, which is regularly wet. And never steam clean the sisal rugs. 


Sisal rugs are pet-friendly rugs, as they are easy to clean your pet can also use the sisal rugs. The best part about this is that these rugs can hide pet hair easily as its light-colored.