Is it a good idea to give expensive jewellery to children?

As a parent, you would want the best for your children. You would want to make decisions or buy things that would be of advantage to them or make their life easier. Even when buying gifts for them, we consider how it would benefit them. But is it a good idea to get expensive jewellery for children? There are a few things to consider to really look at this.

  • Children are young and they don’t understand the difference between an expensive piece of jewellery and a plastic toy. They will pick and play with what they like. So, at a young age, they won’t really care about expensive jewellery. However, if your child is a teenager, they may be interested in jewellery, but it will be more towards fashion pieces rather than super expensive pieces.

  • One can get expensive jewellery as an investment to make for the future of the child. But giving them that piece to wear or keep would make zero sense unless they are slightly older.

  • A child with expensive jewellery on them may attract the wrong kind of attention. Children will often remain outside to play or hang out with other kids. You never know who is around the neighbourhood and has seen your child with jewellery.

  • Jewellery pieces like designer rings or necklaces can be a danger for small children. Rings can scratch their face and necklaces can be a strangling danger when they are sleeping. And if a piece of jewellery falls off, like a stone or an earring, then it can be a choking danger.

If you feel that your child is old enough for jewellery and can handle what they wear, then you can look for jewellery, but with a few optional considerations.


Make the jewellery piece memorable for your child. You may want to take them along for shopping. This piece can be special if they pick the design and the stones if needed. One could also buy matching pieces with the child so it holds sentimental value.


Consider if the jewellery can be sensible for your child. Children are quite active and, on the move, so giving them jewellery that gets in the way may not be the best idea. It should suit the child and not come in their way while playing. If you want to buy expensive pieces such as lab grown diamonds rings then do it as part of an investment for them for the future.


Your child may have varied interests and a different character, consider this while getting jewellery. You may give them jewellery with birthstones, name bracelets or charms with favourite animals. 

Age appropriate

Make sure that the jewellery is age appropriate. Your child may or may not be responsible enough to take care of jewellery. If she is really young, then simple earrings are the best at a certain age. As they grow older you could look into simple necklaces and bracelets. And once they are ready to take full responsibility then you can get them more things.

You can find good jewellery pieces with experienced jewellers. For example, just like hatton garden is famous for Hatton garden engagement rings, some jewellers may specialize in children’s jewellery.