How to Seamlessly Transition into an HR Career?

Transitioning into a HR career has become easier than ever with the inception of professional certifications in HR. In the current times, people from diverse domains having half spent their career in a different field altogether can easily make career transitions. 

The number of career changes in a person’s entire professional lifetime for those currently in the generation Z will be more than one. That’s a surety, given the ease to do so in the ever-evolving digital age. 

However, the billion-dollar question is – How to transition into a HR career?

A masters in Human Resource Management would be highly recommended. Besides, there are professional HR certifications available online to help you learn and understand the industry’s best practices. 

Who All Can Break into an HR Career?

  • Experienced retail managers with a considerable supervisory experience and leadership traits.
  • Teachers in the middle of their careers and the retired professors can make a smooth transition, given the patience they possess, that is a big requisite in the HR domain. 

An Exciting Career Choice with an Abundance of Opportunities and Work Functions

As HR professionals are destined to perform diverse tasks in their job role, it never gets boring. A few major areas of focus comprise:

  • Staffing
  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Wellness
  • Compensation
  • Employee relations
  • Policies and procedures
  • Retentions
  • Grievance Addressal

Moreover, it’s a noble job where you help people climb up the corporate ladder, and resolve their work-related issues. 

Schooling & Learning to Pursue a Career in HR

A degree in HR, masters in the same, or a relevant certification, all can take you on the way towards a fulfilling and successful career in human resources. Those new to the field must try to realize any of the below-provided advice on breaking into the said domain:

    • Networking can be highly advantageous: It is a job domain meant for people with great networking and soft skills.  

  • Climb up Gradually while gaining experience: Work your way towards climbing the corporate ladder by starting at a beginner position in HR and slowly moving up one step at a time while proving your worth at each step in the process. 

  • Identify the reason you are choosing HR as your career option: Once you know why you want to opt for HR as a career choice, you will have better chances of selling yourself at a job interview. Do find out the skills required at performing HR duties, and what you lack out of all of them. 
  • Small businesses provide the best HR opportunities for beginners and those seeking career transitions into HR: You are challenged the most at small businesses where one would need to don multiple hats. These comprise assistance with accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, among many other added hr functions. A holistic development is guaranteed at a small firm. 

Parting Words

Making a career transition into HR is challenging, if you happen to be a professional from a completely different industry, but provided the ever-increasing number of job vacancies in the domain, and the easy availability of online professional certifications in HR, it’s absolutely not impossible. 

Put in some hard work learning the skills practised in the industry, and you are good to go.

Best wishes!