Damages Repaired by Auto Body Shops

A car can be damaged in many ways. The damages also depend on the reasons, and hence the effect it will have can also vary from small to huge, and then both on cosmetic and mechanical sides. Especially when a car gets involved into a collision, the damage can start from the outside and reach into the interior of mechanisms. So, you need to get all of them repaired as soon as possible.

But here car damages are repaired by two different streams of services. One is the auto body shop, that will repair any part of your car body, as far as it isn’t a mechanism, that is responsible in running the car. the other is the auto repair shop, that will only address the mechanical issues, but not the body parts.

So here is a list of damage repair services that you can get from a collision center, for your damaged car.

Dent and Scratch Repair

The damages caused to your car body will be repaired by the auto body shops. In this the most common damage repair they all do is dent and scratch repair. An ugly dent or scratch on the car body can happen for various reasons. Right from a sharp object brushing against your car to a cricket ball forcing it upon the car body, anything can spoil the appearance  of your beautiful car creating an unsightly scene. They can either offer a regular dent repair or a paint less dent repair, depending upon the size of dent caused to its surface.

Do not fret. All the auto body shops will offer this service without fail, however small or big it is. But as records of experiences say, rely only on the ones that are known for their good work, though experimenting with a dent job is the best way to find out if a shop is good enough for your car.

Frame Straightening

If your car body structure has been damaged severely after a serious collision, you need to get its frame straightened to get back it to its normal condition not only physically but also functionally. Usually the bigger auto body shops will offer this service, since it requires heavy machinery and infrastructure to straighten the car body frame.

Window and Windshield Repair

If your window lock is broken or not functioning, it can be repaired from an auto body repair shop. Same with its glass. If it is cracked up or broken, you can get it replaced at any auto body repair shop. Similarly you can replace the windshield from the same shop if it has chipped off or cracked.

Windshield Wipers

Auto body shops will also fix back your windshield wipers if they have worn out or stopped responding.

Paint Job

Every auto body shop will return your car newly painted after a repair job is done. it is a part of the job. But otherwise you can also get your car newly painted from such shops if the paint has started peeling off or has started fading out.