Bruce Weber – Photographing Man’s Best Friend Without any Hassle 

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend- they are loyal, loving, and sometimes funny. If you are a dog lover or own a pet, you know how special they are in your life. However, like everything else, your dog will one day pass over, and it is prudent for you to capture the various moods of your dog in photographs. Though this sounds simple, you should remember your dog is highly energetic and will not pose for you in a single place before you click the snap. In order to make the photoshoot an enjoyable experience for both of you, there are some ways you can use to calm your pet so that you capture the best shots for your personal collection. 

Bruce Weber is an ace American photographer who captured some iconic pictures way back in the 1980s. He is an inspirational figure in the world of fashion photography and is an author, filmmaker, and director. His photography collection is regularly displayed at prominent art galleries and museums across the globe.

 He has published several books with his photographs, and when it comes to dogs, his book Bruce Weber- The Golden Retriever Photographic Society described his personal collection of the popular photographs of his beloved dogs that he has had throughout the years. In fact, his book is a personal memoir close to his heart. It celebrates the special bond that humans have with their beloved dogs. This deep connection to a pet invokes intense companionship and brings out abundant happiness and joy with creativity infused in pictures. 

A heart-touching collection for life 

In his opinion, this valuable collection of dog photographs has been one of the most memorable and heart-touching experiences in his life. He goes back in the past, where he has spent more than 50 years photographing his beloved pets to signify to the world their importance to him. All of the golden retriever dogs in the book have boosted his imagination, and they have become characters in the story of his life that he has shared with his dear wife, Nan Bush. 

Prepare your dog for the shoot 

The best way for you to calm your dog down is to talk to him/her in a reassuring way. Dogs understand humans, and they see you composed. They will respond in the same way and settle down. You can also scratch the ear of your dog while you talk to him or her so that it is faster for you to tame your highly enthusiastic dog before you start to click pictures. 

According to Bruce Weber, all dogs are not the same. They have unique personalities, so knowing your dog helps you understand him/her better. You can begin with a sitting position that your dog generally understands and knows. You can train your dog to watch you while you hold the camera and reward your pet with a treat. Yes, the whole process does need patience; however, in the long run, after the photographs have been clicked, you will say all the effort was worth it and smile!