Ashwin Khubchandani – How to Take Amazing Street Photographs?

Street photography is growing in popularity among amateur and professional photographers throughout the world. It involves capturing visually compelling images of people going about their daily lives in different urban settings. This type of photography is not about pointing the camera at a subject matter and subconsciously pressing the shutter. They need to put plenty of thought into what constitutes a perfect street photograph that captives their audiences’ attention. They then only get a split second to decide whether to take the picture. For them, street photography expresses their unique artistic endeavor that is almost similar to painting a portrait.

Ashwin Khubchandani is a famous professional travel photographer from America specializing in street photography. He has the privilege of visiting more than 60 countries worldwide, including some of the most exotic destinations. He considers himself fortunate enough to turn his passion for photography into a lucrative profession. Many of his esteemed clients pay him to travel to different places and learn the unique culture of these areas. He even gets the chance to meet many interesting people during these visits. 

According to him, many photographers try their hand at street photography at some point in their careers. This genre of photography gives them ample opportunity to fine-tune their skills and techniques. Moreover, ideal street photography can mesmerize their audience and win them accolades. To achieve such a level of expertise, they should keep in mind the following tips:

  • Travel light

Photographers who want to excel in street photography should never forget to travel light. They do not have to carry heavy equipment such as tripods on their journeys. They need to pack a compact camera, spare batteries, a memory card, a zoom lens, and small LED light. Moreover, the camera they opt for should be slightly smaller than the digital single-lens reflex version (DSLR).

  • Overcoming inhibitions about getting close

Street photography often involves capturing images of people at intimate moments without them knowing someone is taking their picture. In these scenarios, the photographers need to overcome shyness and come close to the subject to get the perfect photo. On other occasions, they might have to look straight into the lens of the photographers’ camera to create an engaging image.

  • Learn to take the photo from the hips

Taking photographs from the hips is a technique that all street photographers must master. It involves holding the camera and taking pictures at the waist level without looking at the liquid crystal display (LCD). Moreover, people in the vicinity will not be aware that they are taking pictures of them. The photographic technique enables them to take many spontaneous, candid photographs within a few minutes.

According to Ashwin Khubchandani, street photography is an ideal genre for aspiring photographers to master. They learn a lot of new skills and techniques and be able to take amazing photographs. Above all, implementing the above tips can help them capture striking images of their subject matter through their camera lens.