AccessiBe Talks About Accessibility Standards

Today the web has become an indispensable resource that covers almost every aspect of the lives of people. To avail a variety of services today, including the ones associated with healthcare, education, employment, retail, entertainment, and more, one would need to be able to access the web. Hence, it is imperative for websites to be accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, certain disabilities make it difficult for people to use the web. This is why web accessibility should be given a priority. AccessiBe and similar web accessibility focused companies work on ensuring there are no barriers that prevent interaction with websites on the World Wide Web, by people with disabilities, 

AccessiBe briefly talks about accessibility standards and importance 

While not disabilities make it difficult for people to use the web, it is undoubtedly important that anyone creating online tools and content understands how their audience accesses their interfaces and information. If sites are correctly developed, designed and edited, ideally all users would be able to enjoy equal access to information and functionality

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) are known to be part of a series of web accessibility guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). They basically are the main international standards organization for the Internet.

WCAG 2.1 guidelines mark how online services and tools must be made accessible to all, including users having impairments to their:

  • Vision: Individuals who have severely sight impaired (blind), sight impaired (partially sighted) or are color-blind
  • Hearing: Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Mobility: Individuals who find it difficult to use an input device, such a keyboard or mouse
  • Thinking and understanding: Individuals with autism, dyslexia, or learning difficulties 

An accessible web can aid people with disabilities to take part more active, and improve the online experience for all.  Putting aside the greater good, one must also understand the fact that internet also provides one of the simplest ways to do business and communicate with people who suffer from a disability. For instance, people who cannot physically get to a shop can always make purchases through the web or those cannot read standard printed material can use voice translators when reading from the web.  

Business benefits of web accessibility are also many. If one follows the rules associated with making a website more accessible, they also shall be following the best practices associated with mobile web design. This includes SEO or Search Engine Optimization, usability, speed and mobile web design. 

AccessiBe is among the leading companies that strive to make web accessibility simple and affordable to any size of business. By building on the momentum, it established in 2020, this plans to make use its funds to significantly expand its US presence, grow its R&D department, as well as continue to educate the market on the importance of web accessibility. They also employ individuals with disabilities to test its solution and advise on further improvements of their products.